Car conversion

A car conversion at Fifthwheel means that the car/vehicle is turned into a semi-trailer tractor. At Fifthwheel, these are usually pickups, but they can also be other vehicles. For this, see car conversions that are immediately available.

A semi-trailer tractor can tow a semi-trailer. A semi-trailer is a type of trailer, but it does not have a coupling point on the tow bar, but above the rear axle of the towing vehicle.

There will be a subframe on the chassis of the car, under the loading platform, with a ball socket in the middle, which is level with the level of the loading floor. The trailer that comes behind it has a ball ball, which then fits and connects in the ball socket. Furthermore, plugs are made in the loading area. A 13 pin plug and a 3 pin plug. These are for connecting the trailer’s lighting and the electric brakes.

A pick-up semi-trailer tractor is a gray license plate vehicle, provided they comply with the tax authorities’ framework guideline for gray license plate.

Benefits of car conversion at Fifthwheel

Load Capacity

Are you looking for more load capacity? And a regular trailer doesn’t have enough load capacity? Then choose a Fifthwheel trailer. The Fifthwheel is high-end designed by specialists with an eye for technology and innovation. It is the perfect transport solution when you are looking for a specialized trailer for more load capacity in the category up to 7 tons combination weight, you are looking for a very lightweight trailer, and you want to drive safely with more stability and electric brakes. One advantage of a trailer puller is that with a trailer behind it, you can achieve more load capacity compared to a regular trailer that attaches to the tow bar.

Pay attention to the achievable trailer weights. In practice we calculate with the customer what trailer weight is possible with their combination. The most important thing is that the axle loads of the trailer puller and the Fifthwheel semi-trailer are the basis for the BE driver’s license.

Special Ball Coupling

If you choose a car conversion with a Fifthwheel coupling, you will benefit from the convenience of a specially designed ball coupling. This coupling was conceived by our engineer from concept to execution. An innovative solution that provides many more possibilities in transport. We are the only supplier of such a ball coupling in the world. The special ball coupling prevents torsion in the chassis of your car. This is more sustainable for your trailer puller. And with the Fifthwheel conversion, you also retain a flat loading floor because the ball cup is flush with your loading floor. Because the ball coupling’s cup in the support frame is located below the loading area floor. The ball cup can be used through a hole in the loading floor. This is clearly visible in our photos.
The support frame used varies by car brand and model. We are happy to advise on the best options for your cars.

Additional Advantage in Combination with an Aluminum Trailer
If you opt for an all-aluminum trailer, it is lighter, allowing you to achieve even more net load capacity, and the trailer is very durable from a material reuse perspective.

Support Frame Weight

Auto conversion with Fifthwheel has been done professionally for over 15 years. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about professionalism, safety, and quality. The auto conversion is carried out by our mechanics using a support frame. This frame is attached under the loading area to the chassis. Thanks to the specially developed support frames, you hardly lose any load capacity in the car’s cargo area because they weigh only about 25 kg.

Electric Brake System

For the car conversion, a 13-pin plug is required to connect the electric brake system of the Fifthwheel. A contact-switched + is also required. Ask your car dealer to install these components for you if they are not already present. The car dealer can liaise with our mechanics to ensure the connection is made correctly.
To see if your car can be converted into a trailer puller, check the directly available car conversions.

What is a Fifthwheel trailer?
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Directly Available Support Frames for Car Conversions

Car brands and models where a support frame with ball cup can be installed:

1. Isuzu D-Max (models from 2009 to present)
2. Isuzu N-series
3. Toyota Tundra
4. Ford F150 (models from 2015)/Ford Raptor
5. Mercedes Sprinter
6. VW Crafter
7. Land Rover 110 high capacity truck
8. Land Rover 130 crew cab
9. Nissan Navara (models up to 2014 and 2017, spring and screw)
10. Volkswagen Amarok
11. Ford Ranger (Raptor)
12. Dodge Ram 1500
13. Mercedes G
14. GMC Sierra
15. Iveco Daily, 2 types
16. Ford F350 and Ford F250
17. Mercedes X-class
18. Opel Movano/Renault Master
19. Toyota Hilux
20. Renault Alaskan
21. Mitsubishi L200/Fiat Fullback
22. Peugeot Boxer/Citroen Jumper/Fiat Ducato
23. Land Cruiser VDJ79-GRJ79
24. Jeep Gladiator

One advantage of a trailer puller is that you can achieve more load capacity with a trailer behind it compared to a regular trailer that attaches to the towbar.

Curious about the possibilities?

FifthWheel Conversion

Net Load Capacity for Your Vehicle

Under the heading ‘Car Conversion,’ you can see various car brands that are suitable for a Fifthwheel combination. We are currently working on developing the auxiliary frame for some models. For other car brands similar to the mentioned models, you can contact us to discuss the possibilities.

To determine if your car can achieve an advantage in net load capacity on the fifth wheel, the following data is relevant:

Load Capacity

The net load capacity of your car (preferably above 875 kg)

Middle Axle Power

The middle axle towing capacity of your car (preferably 3,500 kg)

Vehicle Weight

The curb weight of your car

Weight with a FifthWheel

The combination weight of the vehicle, preferably 6,500 – 7,000 kg.

Finally, the weight of the Fifthwheel is also important. The total weight of the car with the trailer (= combination weight) must not exceed 7 tons for a BE driver’s license. We try to keep the weight of the fifth wheel as low as possible without compromising the strength of the construction.

Our Production Process

After we have detailed the trailer in 3D drawings, the chassis is constructed from steel or aluminum based on these drawings. Once the chassis is galvanized, it is assembled. The neck is attached, along with the lighting, tires, axles, and braking system. If it is a Fifthwheel with a superstructure, that is also built onto the chassis.

Watch the video below for a glimpse into our production process.

The Only Fifthwheel Builder, and We Do It Right!

  • Extra payload capacity
  • Maintain your flat loading floor
  • Reduced trailer weight
  • Additional driving comfort with coupling above the rear axle
  • Width & length customizable to your needs
  • Electric braking system, eliminating the need for damper and overrun brake replacements
  • Easy maintenance with standard (European) parts
  • Compliant with new BE driver’s license regulations (2013)

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