Closed trailer

Closed trailer on a flat trailer:• Constructed from 25mm sandwich panels with gelcoat on the outside • Inside dimensions 2.2 m wide, 2m high and 6m long •…


Mobile workplace (1)

A closed car can be used for different applications, a mobile workshop is one of them.


Mobile Home/Caravan

You can use a closed Fifthwheel as a mobile home/caravan. You can use it both for business as leisure. There are opportunities to customize the fifth wheel as you have in mind.


Mobile workplace (2)

The fifthwheel model with a round neck.


Closed Fifthwheel trailer round model

The latest model closed fifthwheel with fully rounded roofline.At the bottom, the fifthwheel has on the front and back an ascending line.The back is also not…


Fifthwheel closed-showroom


Closed BE trailer behind VW Crafter

Closed trailer with a gross trailer weight of 5,100 kg. Own weight of trailer about 1,400 kg. Approximately 3,700…


Fifthwheel promotion trailer

A closed trailer with a floor lenght of 6 meter and a width of 2.20 meter. The empty weight of the trailer is about 1.650 kg. The interior of the trailer can be mad by yourself or build buy us.


Fifthwheel camper with slide outs

A Fifth Wheel trailer with dimensions: 8 x 2.20 x 2.40 meters (Lenght without neck)

Two slide outs (one on each side)

Customer care of yourself installation.