Electrical braking system (ECE approved)

The only europian approved electrical braking system on european axles.

For two Knott axles with each 1.800 kg (together 3.500 kg), equipped with no-reverse system. Also brakes backwards.

Indicator light built on the front of the trailer, can be seen with the mirror. (This light reports the state of the system by blink code)

A 13-pin plug needs to be on the vehicle with contact switched positive.

Brakes for several axes (type and weight) and tires to match.

Enhanced Functions
– No overrun push
– The system also brakes backwards
– Automatic load sensing
– Stronger braking respons down hill (due to G sensor)
– Braking system completely independent from the ca
– Only brake signal and power supply from the car

Driving Safety
– Integration of the ATC Functionality
– ABS not necessary for trailers up to 3.500 kg (on the axles); ABS function possible to integrate in the system

– Replacing the “old” mechanical inertia braking system
– Automobiles environment greatly developed further > brake by wire

You can watch the videos below on our electrical braking systems: