Fifthwheel flat car special (photo 1 and 2)

This Fifthwheel has a floor length of 8 meters, with the option for a extendable light box of 2 meters. The floort width is 2.48 meters, including signs and lighting, the trailer is a maximum of 2.55 meters wide.

Own weight including plates around 1.200 kg.

Fifthwheel flat car with crane and structure (photo 3 and 4)

Fifthwheel flat car with part structure (photo 5 and 6)

Aluminium BE oplegger 2 asser
Vlakke BE oplegger met aluminium borden
vlakke wagen gekoppeld aan een auto en beladen met kraan
vlakke wagen beladen met kraan
Vlakke wagen van aluminium met ombouw en stelling
op maat gemaakte vlakke wagen met ombouw en stelling