From flatbed wagons to cargo hoppers

Advantages of Fifthwheel

Practical advantages

  • Additional capacity because of ball pressure on the car
  • Keep your flat bed of the pickup with special hitch in floor
  • Suitable for multiple pick-up car brands
  • With laser-cut package, a lower weight of the trailer

Advantages on driving

  • Additional comfort by link at the top rear
  • Agility (with the Isuzu N-Series)
  • Possibility of easy attachment and removal of areas and urban
  • Width & length to suit the application

Practical advantages

  • Electric brake system
  • Designed with FEM
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Up to 20 years lifetime


  • Flexibility, ability to multi-car trailers
  • Flexibility, ability use a trailer with distribution system for multiple applications
  • Usable in all seasons

Who is FifthWeel Europe

Fifth Wheel Europe BV is the sales organization for a ‘young’ transport solution: the Fifthwheel.

Since its founding in 2008, investments have mainly been made in the (further) development of the new product and its sub-components. The organization’s own identity is in development, but can now be described as innovative, service-oriented and reliable.

Fifthwheel in use

Wagenbouw Bolle BV is the builder of the Fifthwheel and has more than 40 years of experience in providing advice to customers and engineering and building (custom) trailers up to 7 tons. The company stands for efficient, simple, sustainable and, if necessary, innovative tailor-made solutions. Customer demand is the starting point for all process steps from advice to sales.


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