Who are we?

Fifth Wheel Europe BV is the sales for a ‘young’ transport solution: The Fifth Wheel.

Since its founding in 2008 is particularly invested in the (in) developing the new product and its sub-components. The identity of the organization is in the making, but can now be described as innovative, service oriented and reliable.

Initially the idea for this occasion of the fifth wheel transport solution in America and the planned changes to the “BE” driver licensing legislation. As the market and legislation in Europe with its own character, looked at how such a concept for the European market can be applied.

There is first an electric braking system developed and CE approved. Fortunately, this process right through. The braking system offers not only the Fifth Wheel features, but also for other applications.

There is also attention to a special coupling to maintain a flat floor to realize, if the trailer is disconnected. Also this process is successfully completed and CE approved.

After all development is now plenty of room for marketing and sales of all this nice technical product attention.


Wagenbouw Bolle BV is the builder of the Fifth Wheel, and has over 40 years experience in providing advice to customers and the engineering and building (custom) trailers to 7 tons. The company is efficient, simple, durable, if necessary, innovative solutions. Customer demand is the basis for all process steps from consultancy to sales.

How do we build?

After the trailer has been worked out in 3D drawings, the chassis of steel is being built according to these drawings. Once the chassis is galvanized it is assembled. The neck is put on to the chassis, the lights, the tires and axles and the brake system are being assembled. In the case of a Fifth Wheel with construction, it is also built on the chassis.

Adjustable neck

The neck of The Fifth Wheel is adjustable in height at two places. Hand at the connection with the trailer. With bolts through the neck the height is set. Adjustment is possible, so that the Fiftwheel can be linked behind several pick-ups. With a closed trailer the neck is fixed at one hight. Mit einem geschlossenen Aufbau ist den Hals fixiert. Also, the coupling itself is adjustable. On the pictures you can see how it looks.

Completion and delivery

If broadly the trailer is ready, the details can be finished. Think of the locks, the kitten, double floor, etc. Once the trailer and the vehicle are fully prepared, they go to the inspection. After inspection, the total combination is delivered.