After the trailer has been worked out in 3D drawings, the chassis of steel is being built according to these drawings. Once the chassis is galvanized it is assembled. The neck is put on to the chassis, the lights, the tires and axles and the brake system are being assembled. In the case of a Fifth Wheel with construction, it is also built on the chassis.

Here’s our selection of fifth wheels, trailers and braking systems

Flatbed trailers

Flatbed trailers

Utility trailers

Utility trailers

Fifthwheel car transporter

Closed trailer

Fifthwheel boat trailer

boat trailer

Fifthwheel distribution system

distribution system2

Fifthwheel urban distribution

urban distribution2

Fifthwheel aluminum

Electrical braking system (ECE approved)

Electrical braking system

Coupling (EC approved)

Fifthwheel horsetrailer

Fifthwheel specials and chassis

Our manufacturing process

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the way we build our products.